Chimney Sweeping in Cary is Our Expertise.

Keeping your chimney clean is essential for the safety of your home. A heavy build up of creosote can lead to chimney fires and can contribute to air pollution. Our regular cleanings can ensure the safety of your family.

Every chimney and flue system is unique as well. We do everything to keep your home as clean as possible while sweeping. Our standard cleaning will include a state of the art video inspection to determine if repairs are needed and the amount of creosote has built up. Then we will do a in depth removal of the creosote deposits in the chimney flue, smoke chamber, and firebox. We will use chimney brushes, hand brushes, and special rods. A soot vacuum will be used to remove ash from your fireplace.

Our Chimney Sweeping Service Can Help Keep Your Home Safe

Letting Nexus Chimney Services clean your chimney for you keeps you from climbing on your roof and lets trained professionals deal with the toxins that consist in a chimney. Call today for a free estimate.