Clean Your Dryer Vents in Raleigh

Dryer fires are much more common than you would think. When your vent is not cleaned your dryer runs a lot hotter and increase the changes that something catches fire. Leaving your dryer vent full not only is a hazard to the safety of your home, it can drastically increase your energy bill.

A lot of companies claim to clean dryer vents but few provide lasting results. We can clean your vents with professional grade vacuums and use a brush through the entire length of the vent to make sure the bulk is cleaned out.

Your dryer vent should be cleaned at least once a year depending on how often you use your dryers. Nexus Chimney Services can provide a trusted professional grade dryer vent cleaning service.

We Can Also Repair Damaged Dryer Vents

Whether they are in the attic or crawl space we can replace or repair dryer ventilation systems. Call today if you want to have a cleaning done or your vent inspected.