Chimney Cleaning & Repair in Selma NC

The weather in Selma is never predicable and being closer to the ocean then most of the Triangle puts Selma in greater risk of high winds from ocean storms. The weather is a big factor in your chimneys maintenance and use. Keeping a chimney healthy and fully in tact is a difficult task. And if your chimney is not in good shape your home and family could be at risk. Thankfully our chimney cleaning service in Selma will not only sweep your chimney, but it will inspect every inch of it for damages that could lead to larger hazards, could leave your unit out of code, and provide you with the knowledge to use your chimney properly and efficiently year after year.

Our experienced staff can find a problem in their very early stages and provide a fix for them right away. We pride ourselves on being a safety solution to your home.

Our services focus around chimney systems, fireplaces, heating, and ventilation. We offer chimney inspections and chimney sweeping in Selma and the surrounding area.

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