Selma Chimney Caps & Covers

A versatile chimney cap can be the best long-term investment you can make for a chimney in Selma. We recommend that every chimney flue is covered with some type of cover, as it can be very beneficial to your chimney’s damper system. The cap keeps debris and pests out of your chimney. Some pests like chimney swifts are protected species and cannot be removed during breeding season and with no cap can cause quite an annoying during the summer. These pests often carry disease and a cap can be the gate that keeps these animals from entering your home. Chimney caps can also be custom made in several different styles and colors so that it is astatically please as well.

In addition, chimney caps can act as spark arrestors if any sparks or burning embers are caught in the draft up your chimney. Essentially, this will keep everything in that is supposed to be in your chimney and everything out that is supposed to be out.

Increase the Safety Of Your Chimney in Selma By Installing A Chimney Cap

By installing a chimney cap or cover, you will keep out any undesired animals or materials from your chimney, and also provides a great look to your home. Our professionals at Nexus Chimney Services in Selma will be glad to assist you and perform a job well done. Contact us today!