We Offer Extensive Cary & Raleigh Fireplace Repairs for Your Home

Fireplace systems require professional knowledge to repair because of the danger in flames, heating, and ventilation of combustion products. Most fireplace manufactures request that you have your system checked annually to ensure the safety of  your system.

Our Cary & Raleigh fireplace repairs include:

  • Cleaning the burner top.
  • Inspecting plug ports for corrosion.
  • Verifying secured and aligned burner with pilot or igniter.
  • Cleaning unit to ensure system is free of dust and debris.
  • Inspecting gasket seals and glass assembly.
  • Inspecting logs for placement issues.
  • Inspecting orifice, thermocouple, and thermopile.

Let Our Certified Fireplace Repair Crew Help Today!

If you notice your gas fireplace is not functioning properly call today to schedule an inspection or repair. Our professional staff can troubleshoot any issue and repair any part of your fireplace. Call today and ensure the protection of your home.