3 Common Summer Chimney Problems to Watch Out For

July 16, 2019

Since most of us use our fireplaces in the winter, it would seem like chimney problems just don’t occur in the summer. However, there are some good reasons to schedule a chimney inspection during these hot, humid months. Animals and bugs abound during the summer season, and summer storms can cause damage and foul odors. Learn more below.

Animals and Bug Infestations

Birds, bees, squirrels, raccoons, and a host of other critters are highly active during the summer, and they’re all looking for a nice, cozy, hollow home to live in—like your chimney. Chimney swifts in particular are a tough problem to have, since they are a protected species, and cannot be legally removed once they’ve settled down. Raccoons, squirrels, and bees might not be protected, but they’re just as hard to get rid of, which is why you should make sure that your chimney cap is tight and secure.

Summer Storm Damage

Speaking of your chimney cap, why wouldn’t it be tight and secure? Well, harsh summer storms can damage and move chimney caps out of place, and cause other types of damage to your chimney, as well. If the chimney crown or chimney flashing become damaged, and water enters the chimney, the masonry and mortar could sustain moisture damage and deteriorate over time. Since a chimney repair is much more expensive than a chimney inspection, your best bet to prevent this from happening is scheduling a maintenance appointment.

Bad Chimney/Fireplace Odors

If you’ve ever lived in an old home with a chimney, you may have noticed a foul smell emanating from the fireplace area, which seems to grow worse and worse over time. This is because creosote accumulates in the chimney every time the fireplace is used, and the summer heat and humidity “activate” the smell. Don’t just light a scented candle and call it a day, though; since creosote is toxic and causes a host of other health problems, you’re better off scheduling a professional chimney cleaning. In the meantime, consult on blog for tips on how to get rid of a bad fireplace smell. 

Live in Raleigh, Cary, or Apex NC? Schedule a Chimney Inspection with Nexus!

If you live in the Apex NC area and own a chimney or fireplace, we highly recommend scheduling a chimney inspection and/or cleaning at your earliest convenience. Chimneys do suffer damage when they aren’t being used—in fact, especially when they aren’t being used. Getting ahead of the game will make sure your chimney is clean, safe, and ready to use when fall comes around! To contact Nexus Chimney Services, click here.