Chimney Swifts: What Are They & How Can I Remove Them From My Chimney?

May 4, 2018


What Are Chimney Swifts?

Chimney swifts are small birds that often reside inside of chimneys and air shafts. Their natural habitat is a large hollow tree, which they use to nest in the forests of North America that are becoming scarce due to deforesting. Chimney swifts are quite aerial and often do not land, except to roost at night. They are unable to perch like most birds due to their longs claws, and because of this, they are suited for vertical surfaces which make them ideal for living in chimneys.

Why Do Chimney Swifts Like My Home?

Chimney swifts like anywhere where they can get into a dark hole, which resembles their natural habitat of a hollow tree or cave. Because of this making sure your chimney is capped with wire or if you use a top damper making sure that the damper is covered is important to keep not only swifts, but squirrels and other pests from making home in your chimney.

How Do I Remove Chimney Swifts?

Chimney swifts are considered an endangered species and because of this, no one is allowed to touch an active chimney swift nest of any kind. If this is your case, anyone attempting the clean the chimney must wait until the young have left the nest. After the young have left, your chimney sweep can come out to inspect and clean the chimney at that time. It is recommended that the chimney should also be capped at that time to prevent further nest or swifts from nesting in the chimney which could cause them to become trapped or injured.

For this reason it is recommended that you have your chimney inspected annually to make sure the chimney is up to code and ready to use.

If you wish to schedule a cleaning or inspection this year to see if you have or have had chimney swifts in your flue, feel free to call us today or use our website to schedule your next appointment.