Cold Air Coming Through Your Chimney? Learn Why From Our Apex Chimney Sweep

November 26, 2019

If you’ve been noticing a chill in the air, even when a fire is burning full-blaze in the fireplace, there is most likely a downdraft of cool air entering your home through the chimney. Fortunately, this is a common problem and one that’s usually fairly easy to solve. Keep reading to learn how our Apex chimney company helps fix chimney downdrafts.

Fireplace Insulation Issues

One of the most common ways cool air enters a home is through the fireplace, particularly an improperly built fireplace. Fireplaces use insulation, too, particularly around the walls surrounding the fireplace which face the outdoors. Call a chimney contractor or chimney repair company to make sure that the right amount of insulation has been added. It may have dropped over time, or it may have never been installed correctly, creating a gap through which cold air can enter.

Issues With the False Ceiling

A correctly-installed fireplace should also include a false ceiling, which is a flat board covered with insulation that prevents cold air from moving down through any open spaces. It’s possible that the false ceiling is either missing, or damaged from animals or fallen debris.

Temporary Solutions

Though we highly recommend having your fireplace inspected for cracks and leaks, which can be a sign of a worse issue, there are a couple temporary solutions you can use while you wait for your chimney inspection appointment. The first is a device called a chimney balloon, which fits into the chimney just above the firebox and is inflated to close off the flue. It’s important to remember to remove the balloon each time you start a fire. If you use your fireplace sparingly, though, this can be a good option.

Another device you can use is called a chill-blocker. This is built into the chimney cap, and operated by a cable connected to a handle in the firebox. Chill-blockers create a much tighter seal than you can get with standard cast-iron dampers. If there is nothing noticeably wrong with your fireplace’s construction, this might be a good option.

Why Call a Chimney Sweep in Apex?

It’s important to note that any modification, installation or repair of fireplace systems should only be performed by a qualified chimney technician who has experience in this area. Improper work on a fireplace or chimney can cause issues which are life-threatening, and a CSIA-certified chimney sweep knows how to do the work safely. If you suspect that the cool air inside your home is fireplace-related, call Nexus Chimney Services today. To request an estimate, click here.