Don’t Forget Your Fireplaces this Summer

August 5, 2018

Just because the warmer weather is on its way doesn’t mean it isn’t the right time for your chimney inspection & cleaning. Just like your other appliances, proper maintenance is important to having a long life with your fireplace. Both gas & wood burning should be cleaned and inspected annually to ensure proper usage during the fall. Should masonry work need completed, you can typically get it done quicker due to the slow in business as well as temperature not being a factor. This will allow you to start your chimney next season without the worry of it being a hazard of inoperable.

Because most fireplaces are ran much more in the fall and winter, doing your chimney cleaning and inspection during the spring and summer will help with creosote removal before it begins to smell in the summer.  The cleaning also allows you to get the cleaning done without the long wait that typically takes place during the winter. Since it is February, spring is right around the corner contact us today to schedule your cleaning and inspection.