How to Prepare Your Chimney for Fall with Nexus Chimney Services

October 2, 2019

How to Prepare Your Chimney for Fall with Nexus Chimney Services

As hot as the beginning of the month seems to have been, the chilly temperatures will arrive before you know it. Before they do, it’s a good idea to ensure your chimney is safe to use in the season ahead. Here are some ways to prepare your chimney for fall and winter from our Apex chimney company.

Have Your Chimney Swept and Inspected

Regardless of whether you have a wood-burning, pellet, or gas fireplace, you should have a chimney sweeping and inspection at least once a year. This is because harmful, toxic substances like creosote build up on the inside of the chimney as it’s used, causing a potential health and fire hazard. During your chimney sweeping service, your chimney technician will clear any creosote buildup or debris, inspect the chimney for damage and flaws, and generally ensure that the hearth system is safe to use. If you have recently purchased a new home, or if the fireplace has been unused for a long period of time, your chimney contractor will perform a more detailed inspection.

Make Sure You Have a Chimney Cap

You should always have a chimney cap over your chimney, surrounded by a wire cage, to prevent water from running down the flue. The chimney cap and wire cage prevents animals like bees, squirrels and chimney swifts from making their home in your chimney. Finally, the chimney cap prevents embers from flying out of the chimney, possibly landing on dry leaves or debris and lighting your roof on fire. If you have not yet placed a chimney cap over your chimney, it is imperative that you do before the cold, wet winter weather arrives. This is another reason why a yearly chimney inspection is important: animals and summer storms could have cracked or shifted the chimney cap over the past few months, and you will need to ensure it is still safe.

Address Chimney Repairs 

No problem gets better the longer it is ignored, and chimneys are no different. In fact, since a broken chimney system can cause smoke inhalation or a house fire, we would argue that it’s much more important to address chimney issues before anything else in your home. If you have noticed any deficiencies in your chimney, or if your inspection reveals the need for repairs, it’s essential to address those problems before firing up the chimney for another season of use. As your chimney endures moisture and freezing temperatures from the outside, and extreme heat from the inside, damage will only likely get worse, threatening the structure of your home or placing your safety at risk.

Get Chimney Repair in Apex NC with Nexus Chimney!

Our certified chimney contractors are ready to help you enjoy a warm, crackling fire in your fireplace all season long. If you haven’t yet scheduled your yearly chimney inspection and cleaning, call us now to ensure your chimney is ready, secure, and safe. Click here to schedule your estimate!