Top Signs You Need a Raleigh Chimney Inspection

April 12, 2019

If you have a working fireplace in your home, it’s essential to have your chimney inspected and maintained every so often. Even if you only use the fireplace a few times a year, buildup of soot and debris can still present a serious threat to your safety. Below are some signs that it’s time for a Raleigh chimney repair.

A Fire That Won’t Start

If you struggle to start a fire in your fireplace, or keep it burning for several hours, this could be the result of a problem in the chimney shaft preventing proper air flow. Remember, proper air flow is necessary to sustain a fire—too much will extinguish it, and not enough will keep it from burning correctly. You must have good airflow to maintain a fire. Too much air can extinguish a fire while not enough will keep it from burning correctly. If you are having a problem keeping your fire burning, contact a chimney-cleaning expert to inspect your home’s fireplace and chimney.

A Bad Smell

If you burn a fire in your fireplace and smell a strong, foul odor instead of the usual pleasant burning smell, there may be a problem with the chimney’s shaft, because the updraft system is not working properly. The strong odors might also be from harmful gases like carbon monoxide, which can read to respiratory issues, hallucinations, and death.

Greasy Black Soot

One thing you should check for every so often is grease, or creosote, in your chimney. If you touch the walls inside your fireplace and find a greasy black substance, that is a sign that you should schedule an appointment with a Raleigh chimney repair company immediately, as the grease is dangerous. If it burns, it can cause a house fire fairly quickly, and contains chemicals that are not safe to breathe. 

Smoke Buildup

If your home seems very smoky while your fire is burning, there may be a blockage in the chimney shaft. Blockages can be caused by leaves, branches, or even animals. Debris and smoke can also build up on the inside of the chimney, causing a blockage after an extended period of time.

Struggling with the Damper

The fireplace’s damper regulates the flow of air into the fireplace and chimney, so it is important that it be in tip-top condition. If you notice that a fireplace’s damper is difficult to open or close, it’s a sign that it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Chimney Having Issues? Call our Raleigh Chimney Repair Company

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