Weirdest Things That Have Been Found in Chimneys

May 4, 2019

The most common things found in chimneys are generally creosote, soot, and birds, but every so often something winds up in a chimney that you just wouldn’t expect. Since we’re a chimney company, we thought it would be fun to focus today’s blog on the many strange and unusual things people have found in this highly-flammable hideaway. (To keep the tone light, we’re going to skip all mentions of dead bodies, though that has certainly sometimes been the case.) To make sure your chimney is clean and clear, make sure to schedule an appointment with our Cary chimney cleaning company today!

More than $1 Million in Cash

Sometimes chimneys can conceal good things—like £871,000 pounds in cash, or the U.S. equivalent of about $1,130,00. That was the case for Baber Bashir, a conman who had acquired most of his ill-gotten gains through fraud. Bashir stuffed all his loot up his chimney, where it was eventually discovered, and confiscated, by local police.

Hidden Shoes 

Shoes are often discovered in old European and European-colonized buildings, typically hidden in floors, ceilings, and yes, chimneys. There’s no telling why the shoes were tucked away, and there are a few theories. Firstly, it could have been to ward off spirits, demons, and witches from entering the house; there are a few myths involving the Devil being trapped in a boot or shoe. They could also have been a fertility charm, as there’s a long-standing connection between shoes and fertility (for instance, the nursery rhyme, “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.”)

A Fire-Defying Letter to Santa

Once, in Dublin, a man found a note to Santa when he was cleaning his chimney. What’s impressive about the letter is that it somehow survived in the fireplace despite over 100 years of constant use. The letter, which is only slightly burned around the edges, features a detailed list of toys and treats, with accompanying illustrations. We can only hope that the original writers had as good a Christmas as they imagined.

Clean Your Chimney Today with Nexus Chimney Services

In all our years of inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining Cary and Apex chimneys, we have yet to discover anything in a chimney that isn’t an animal, creosote, or debris—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your chimney regularly inspected for signs of damage. Creosote build-up is highly flammable and can put you in danger, as can cracks and dents in the flue. To schedule a chimney inspection in Raleigh, Apex, or Cary, contact Nexus Chimney today!