What is a Chimney Liner, and Why Does it Need an Inspection?

June 11, 2019

The chimney liner is arguably one of the most important safety components of a chimney. Today, our Apex chimney contractor explains the different types of chimney liners and why it is so critical to have them regularly inspected.

Clay Chimney Liners

Clay tiles are by far the most popular chimney lining material used today. Both inexpensive and highly durable, properly maintained clay tile chimney liners can last up to 50 years or more without needing a replacement. However, that replacement, when it comes, is typically very expensive. It is usually very labor intensive to tear out clay tiles before replacing new ones, and often requires the chimney wall to be torn out, too.

Cast-in-Place Chimney Liners

A cast-in-place liner is a flue that has been constructed with poured cement. This chimney lining process is less invasive, less laborious, and usually less expensive than installing a clay tile chimney liner. Cast-in-place chimney liners are suitable for any and all types of fuel-burning, and can stand up to the harmful effects of condensation, acids, and heat.

Metal Chimney Liners

Metal chimney flue liners are popular with many fire-protection experts and chimney installation companies. Less labor is required to install them; they are readily available in many sizes and shapes; and they are very durable and long-lasting. Two types of chimney liners are available: Aluminum, and steel. Aluminum liners are less expensive, but they are only suitable for certain medium-efficiency gas appliances. Steel liners, on the other hand, are suitable for chimneys that burn all types of fuel, including gas, oil, and firewood.

Scheduling Your Chimney Inspection

No matter which type of chimney liner you use, over time, it will deteriorate due to the freeze-thaw cycle and other reasons. If there is so much as a tiny crack in the liner, combustible parts will be exposed, and you will be at very high risk for a fire. For this reason, your flue liner needs to be inspected annually, cleaned as needed by a professional chimney technician, and replaced when damaged.

If you need a professional chimney inspection in Apex, Cary, or Raleigh NC, contact Nexus Chimney Services to schedule an appointment. If you can’t remember when your last chimney cleaning and inspection was, now is probably the best time!