What to Prepare for Each Season With Your Chimney

February 20, 2019

Making Sure you’re Using Seasoned Wood

Seasoned wood is important because it reduces the moisture buildup and therefore reduces the creosote buildup in your chimney. Wood should be dried for at least 6 months before use to ensure the wood is dry enough for use.

Removing Ash Buildup

Removing ash buildup is important to ensure they do not reignite and cause performance issues as well a danger in your fireplace. Removing ashes once per week is recommended.

Check your Chimney Cap

Making sure your chimney cap is still in good working function to ensure rain, and animals cannot enter your home. As well as making sure the mesh is still there to help prevent ash or other hot debris from hitting the roof of your home.

Checking Joints for Mortar Damage

Making sure your chimney has no issues with cracked or broken joints ensures your chimney will help prevent water damage to the chimney structure or your home if the water penetrates deep enough. This also helps with performance of the chimney since it allows the smoke to flow properly out of the top of your flue.

These issues as well as others can be completed or investigated upon having your local chimney sweeps annual inspection & cleaning. For this reason it is recommended that you have your wood burning fireplace inspected annually to avoid a buildup of creosote. And your gas fireplace inspected annually to make sure your lines are clean and safe. If you wish to schedule a cleaning or inspection this year, feel free to call or use our website to schedule your next appointment.