Why You Should Have a Fire Escape Plan

December 9, 2018

Fire safety is important for you and your family, and even if it never happens. Having the proper plan to keep everyone safe is necessary to being prepared for the worst. By just doing a couple things you can make sure your loved ones are safe.

Talk with everyone in the home about what their plan is, and use this information to come up with an overall game plan. Making sure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities for helping everyone else as well as their self escape.

Make sure there is a fire alarm in each sleeping room of the home, as well as outside each room and on each floor of the home.

Make sure that everyone memorizes the plan for escape; practice this when possible to prevent panic if the real thing were to happen.

If there are infants in the home, designate who is responsible for helping them escape, the same plan should be in place for any elderly people in the home with mobility issues.

If there are security bars on your windows or doors, make sure that they have emergency releases inside.

Once you’re outside of the home, designate a meeting spot to help account that everyone is out of the home.

Make sure the fire department can easily find your home and that your address and street number are clearly marked.

Once you’re out of the home, DO NOT GO BACK IN THE HOME! If someone is missing wait for the fire department to arrive and inform them.

Following the proper steps can ensure that your family stays safe. Even if you do not have a fireplace, a house fire can occur for many different reasons, and knowing your escape route can save you or your family’s lives.