Why Does My Fireplace Have Water in it?

March 1, 2019

If you chimney or fireplace is showing signs of water penetration or damage, there can be several different factors that can cause this issue.

Your chimney is missing a cap or cover, without something to cover the top of your chimney water can easily run into your chimney and into the fireplace. Having a cover can also prevent debris or animals from entering your chimney and causing performance issues do to blockage.

Your flashing is missing or damaged, and because of this water is able to penetrate around your chimney and into your roof. The flashing should be up the side of your chimney and over your shingles to allow water to flow properly off  and around your chimney

Your crown is cracked causing water to seep in. When freezing occurs this water expands and shrinks causing cracks to grow larger. Having your chimney inspected by a certified sweep or mason can determine how to correct this issue.

Your mortar joints have deteriorated over time causing water to pool in the brick on your chimney. Water can eventually seep into the chimney and causing mold or other performance issues since your chimney should be air tight other than your chimney flue.