Do I Really Need a Chimney Cap? Ask an Apex Chimney Company

July 9, 2019

Even though a chimney cap is relatively minor installation, many homeowners question whether it is necessary or not. The answer is that this small bit metal protecting your chimney can prevent countless chimney-related mishaps and save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary chimney repairs. So, unless you want headaches down the road (and little critters running through your home), a properly-installed chimney cap is a must. Here are some of the top benefits of chimney caps.

Keep animals out

To a squirrel, chimney swift, bee, or raccoon, your chimney is no different from a big, safe, hollow tree. And during the colder months, it’s not just good protection, it’s also cozy and warm! For this reason, animals will try to make their nests close to or inside of the small, comforting chimney flue. And it doesn’t take long for them to do it—squirrels, for instance, can create a 4-foot-deep nest in less than 24 hours! Installing a strong, secure chimney cap with mesh siding will keep all these animals—and their mess—out of your chimney and out of your house. 

Protect against moisture

Rain, snow, and ice all create serious problems for your chimney if they get inside the flue. Moisture causes the masonry and mortar to deteriorate and crumble, and the freeze-thaw cycle is hard on the chimney walls, chimney crown, and chimney liner, and can cause serious (and hazardous) cracks. A chimney cap is essential to diverting this moisture so the chimney stays structurally sound.

Protect against unruly embers

When you light a fire, the burning embers rise up out of the chimney, along with burning gases. These embers are piece of the fire that are still lit, and once they’ve excaped, they can light debris sitting on the roof and cause a roof fire. A chimney cap, in addition to a spark guard, prevents the burning particles from escaping and keeps your home safe.

Will adding a chimney cap create draft problems?

Some homeowners we talk to express worry that the chimney cap will cause draft problems. While this can be the case with improper installation, a professionally-installed chimney cap can actually fix a draft problem. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to call a professional chimney sweep rather than attempt the job on your own. An incorrectly installed chimney cap can cause more problems than it fixes. 

Get Chimney Inspection and Repair in Apex NC

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