Why Spring Is the Best Time to Have Your Chimney Repaired

May 25, 2019

Every year at Nexus Chimney Services, the same thing happens. As soon as the first cold day of fall comes, our phones start blowing up with calls from people who need their chimneys cleaned so they can safely use their fireplaces. We wind up with so much business, we barely have time to help everyone! While that’s great news for us, it means that many customers wind up on our chimney cleaning waitlist, and unfortunately don’t get to use their fireplace as soon as they’d like.

Be the First in Line – Schedule Chimney Repair and Maintenance in the Spring!

Spring is without a doubt the best time to have your chimney serviced. Since this is the “slow” period for chimneys—the time when very few people will be lighting a fire—we are generally able to provide service immediately. Since we aren’t overwhelmed with requests, we can chat and get to know you more without speeding off to the next job—something we really love to do!

Clean Your Chimney Before the Heat Makes It Smell 

Another reason to clean your chimney in the spring is because summer is approaching. If you have a thick buildup of creosote on the inside of your chimney, the summer heat will make your house start to stink, and once a smell is inside your walls and carpeting, it’s hard to remove. To keep your house smelling fresh and clean as possible, it’s smart to have your chimney inspection and repair before you start to smell the need for it. 

Your Chimney Has Likely Been Damaged This Winter

When rain seeps into your chimney through a cracked liner or chimney cap, it can cause crumbling mortar, mold, and other damage that is difficult to repair. If the winter has been particularly cold, the water could have frozen, expanded, and widened cracks in the chimney that were begun last year or years ago. Eventually, the bricks will start to fall out, among other problems. Instead of just hoping your chimney has weathered the winter just fine, make sure it’s safe with a chimney inspection—and then when you want to use it, you won’t have to wait around for repairs!

Schedule a Cary Chimney Inspection Today

If you live in Apex, Cary, Raleigh, or the nearby areas, call Nexus Chimney for all your chimney repair needs. We’ll make sure that your chimney is ship-shape and ready to use as soon as that first crisp day of fall comes. To book an appointment, contact us here.