Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Your Chimney Inspected

July 18, 2018

Most people don’t think about their chimneys during the summer months because the last thing on your mind is the harsh cold of winter when the summer breeze is calling your name. There are however advantages to getting your chimney cleaned and inspected during the summer months:

Easier scheduling:

While summer is the off season for chimney sweeping services, chimney sweeps do work year-round. Since most people don’t schedule during the summer months, if you have a busy life and need more flexibility, scheduling is much easier since it is slower and also not booked out as far in the winter. During the winter months scheduling can sometimes go out as far as two months and time availability is limited due to the increase in call volume. Calling in the summer can save you time and headaches trying to coordinate around yourself and the busy season.

Masonry Jobs are easier:

Because mortar and other masonry equipment requires it to be over a certain temperature, having your chimney inspected & cleaned during the summer can make it quicker and easier to have repairs done to your chimney if necessary. If your chimney does need work during the winter months and the temperatures are not warm enough, this can delay your repairs and having your chimney & fireplace put back in good working order.

Removing Excess creosote:

Removing creosote can help prevent a smell coming from your fireplace during the summer months. When creosote heats up it produces a strong burnt wood smell that can cause not only your guests to not enjoy the smell but aggravate allergies and asthma in people sensitive to smoke.

Regardless of when you have your chimney inspected, doing so once per year is highly recommended to help prevent fires, as well as the issues mentioned above. If you would like to schedule your chimney inspection, feel free to contact us by phone or our website anytime.